Frequently Asked Questions About Chargebacks.

Q: Why did I receive a letter asking for a copy of a sales draft?

A: A request for a copy of a sales draft is initiated by the cardholder or by the cardholder's bank. Common reasons for these requests are that the cardholder does not recognize the transaction or may need a copy for personal business or tax records. It is imperative that you respond immediately to these requests. If your response is late, we will lose our ability to contest the chargeback.

Q: What is the name of the cardholder who requested the sales draft?

A: The cardholder issuing bank is not required to supply us with the cardholder's name. We realize that the name may make your search for a copy of the draft easier. However, the standard sales draft request information contains only the card number, dollar amount, and transaction date. Because of this, we encourage you to file your sales drafts in transaction date order.

Q: May I have a "no return or refund" policy when accepting credit cards?

A: Yes, if the return policy is clearly printed on the signed sales draft or a store receipt in close proximity to the cardholder's signature. The return policy must appear in letters at least 1/4 of an inch high on a document that is signed by the cardholder at the time of sale. This only applies if the cardholder leaves the store with the merchandise. It will not protect you on shipped or delivered goods or with quality disputes.

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