Credit Card Processing

For the merchant, having a credit card processor that will work with them whether they are mail order, online, wholesale or retail is very important. Being able to accept all major credit cards also depends on which credit card processor the merchant goes through. Not all processors provide services that can provide all major credit cards. Some do strictly Visa and MasterCard, and there are quite a few small businesses that use American Express for the small business benefits that card offers.

One of the most important requirements that a merchant wants with their credit card processor is a peace of mind when it comes to safety in their processing. By insuring a safe credit card processor to reduce the risk of fraudulent charges and also the risk of having their customer’s credit card numbers and information stolen due to the lack of security with a credit card processor, some things to look for are: Does the credit card processor use companies like Scan Alert or other types of PCI Compliant security scanning tools? Those companies use other Hacker Safe programs to ensure their software is not being compromised as well. That is one if the first steps to ensure safety in credit card processing.

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Accepting Credit Cards

In this day and age most major stores you go into accepts credit cards. Many consumers today have ceased carrying cash. For most businesses it is almost imperitive that you accept credit cards in order to compete. In the past there was a stigma about how expensive it was for merchants to accept credit cards. However, if you are set up with the correct type of merchant account the cost associated with it is not really expensive. If you are able to save each sale that you have lost from not accepting credit cards, or from accepting a check against your better judgement your overall revenue would increase.

Some merchants have accepted credit cards in the past and felt that they paid way too many hidden costs. The best way to avoid this is to research the company that you are going to get a merchant account with. Make sure that you know how credit card processing works and why there are different fees. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Examples of good questions to ask:
  • How long will it take to get approved?
  • How many days will it take to get paid for credit card transactions?
  • How long is the contract, if any? If so how much is the cancellation fee?
  • How do I get a machine (terminal) or website?
  • Is there an annual fee?
  • What happens to my merchant account if I close my business?

Accepting credit cards does not have to be painful. If you have some questions about merchant accounts please Click Here

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Talento T-IPP Credit Card Terminals

Accept credit cards today with a Talento T-IPP Credit Card Terminals.

Being able to accept credit cards with today’s age of almost everyone carrying some sort of credit card is very important. However, there are still those that prefer using their Debit card. And then there are those that use EBT. With this system you accept all the above. With a simple to plug in external key pad, the customers can add in their pin.

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Wireless Credit Card Terminals by EXADIGM

This unit will benefit anyone’s company the moment that it is purchased. The merchant has a retail store and wants to go do trade shows. Now the need for a mobile credit card processing machine is mandatory. This machine connects right to a cell phone, and now the merchant can accept credit cards any where they can think of wanting to sell their merchandise. It can be used with Verizon and Cingular cellar services.

The EXADIGM Wireless Credit Card Processing Terminal can also connect to dial- up modems, USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections.

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Retail Merchant Accounts

Being educated in what your company does is one of the most important factors of a thriving company. Decisions are always made when owning a business. What to sell, what not to sell; when to expand from retail to e-commerce, and where and whom to go through for credit card processing. Some merchants prefer to go through their own personal banks, but there are merchants whose credit score may not reach the expectations of what their personal banks prefer or require and could be charged a much higher percentage rate as well as other hidden charges not disclosed during the initial setup. A credit card processor knows that merchants do not always have that perfect credit score. A credit card processor works with the merchant, and their individual issues, giving the merchant the attention each one requires, and not a set package or specific mold. Find out more on how we can help your company succeed.

Free Rate Analysis

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Address Verification System (AVS)

What can a merchant, who accepts online, phone, or mail transactions, do to as a means of security protection to prevent themselves from falling victims to accepting stolen credit cards or fake credit card numbers? Merchants can help secure payment gateways by using the Address Verification System (AVS).

The Address Verification System was originally used in the case of in person purchases where merchants could verify cards because they had embedded holograms or on-card photo ids. However, this does not help with online, phone, or mail transactions. But, AVS can provide secure payment gateways by having the merchant verify credit card data, such as billing address and zip code, against the Visa®/Mastercard billing information of the cardholder. This layer of security protection allows merchants to further investigate a transaction if the billing information provided by the Address Verification System does not match that the customer provides.

It benefits the merchant to use the Address Verification System because they are fully liable for all transactions they take that are performed without the person being in front of them. So if they accept a fraudulent transaction, they experience what is known as a chargeback. A chargeback refunds the customer from the merchant’s bank account. In addition, the merchant must pay a fine to the bank and credit card associations penalize them.

By using the Address Verification System, a merchant can protect both the customer and himself from counterfeit charges. To learn more about the AVS, please visit Address Verification System.

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Online Credit Card Payment Processing

For those who run any type of business over the Internet, credit card processing is key to the success of their business. Online credit card processing will enable your business to accept immediate payment through the Internet by means of a credit card. For example, if you have ever used a credit card to pay for a purchase or a service, and waited while the transaction went through, you have experienced credit card processing. In fact, what happened was that your credit card went through a processor where it was either approved or denied. There are a number of different options for credit card processing, and a company should choose the method that is best suited for their business.

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Mandatory PCI Compliance

Your customers will feel safer from identity theft and credit card fraud when you sign up for a HackerSafe account. With VerePay payment gateway, from VirtualTrak Technologies, it's a 70% discount.

What you can expect from ScanAlert's Hacker Safe:
  • Increased Conversion Rate
  • Increased Consumer Confidence
  • Increased Google Ranking
  • Increased Security

For more information on mandatory pci compliance.

You can also call 866-872-3011. Make sure you reference VerePay for the discounts.

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Virtual Terminal Transactions

VerePay Technologies offers a secure browser based payment processing gateway for business merchants online. The virtual terminal acts as your POS (Point of Sale) terminal which replaces the credit card swipe machine.

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Online Payment Fraud Prevention

One of the most important areas that a company must protect themselves from is online payment fraud. In today’s modern era, many consumers are choosing to shop online. This has opened the doorway for businesses to accept and process credit cards in real time applications. Although this has created a doorway for business success, it has also enabled credit cards online fraud to become increasingly prevalent. In hopes of preventing fraud online, many companies are choosing to use higher security settings, encrypting credit cards, and are using strategies designed for preventing fraud online.

For more information on online payment fraud prevention.

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Protect Yourself From Card Not Present Fraud

With the boom in mail order, technology and the convenience of the Internet, many consumers are making card-not-present transactions. Card not present transactions benefit both the consumer and the business owner. By offering the convenience of card not present transactions, customers are able to patron stores hundreds of miles away from their home base. Consumers can now purchase goods and services which would otherwise not be available to them. Stores benefit by having an expanded world-wide customer base and without card-not-present transactions some small businesses would not stay afloat.

The downside to card not present transactions is there are criminals who can fraudulently obtain credit card details to purchase goods and services. The ease of making card-not-present transactions means that consumers and businesses have to monitor transactions to ensure that a thief is not making an illegal purchase.

Tips Consumers Can Take To Prevent Card Not Present Fraud

Tips Businesses Can Take To Prevent Card Not Present Fraud

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