Credit Card Processing for Merchants

For example, with American Express, the card itself has a 4 digit number above the credit card number to manually add before credit cards are processed. Using Visa, MasterCard or Discover? There is a 3 digit number that will need to be manually entered as well, ensuring that the credit card is real.

Some information to keep in mind about online credit card processors like PayPal and other companies is they have higher processing fees than most Credit Card Processors because they have a set amount per charge per processing fee, unlike Credit Card Processors that can some times negotiate the processing fees.

Most important to the merchant, make sure you research whom you are going through. There are a lot of flashing advertisements out there quoting a specific amount for processing. Make sure it is true. Most of those are for companies that have a very large processing amount. Or process a lot of cards. Protect your self and at the same time that will ensure security to the consumers that want to purchase the goods and services your company provides.

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